GregTech for Minecraft 1.4.5

GregTech, created by GregoriusT, is a Mod that completely overhauls Minecraft, adding numerous Machines and Materials, as well as adjusting Recipes for existing Items in order to make them fit with its System, and to make everything work well together, compatible and mostly exploit-free whenever possible. GregTech is meant to extend the Game by making things more compatible, more reasonable and adding a lot of complex Machines, as well as generally useful Utility to make everything work together nicely.

IndustrialCraft² lf 222.
NEI for its recipe display system. You can always disable cheats if you think it is cheaty. If that is broken check out mcarchive.net.
Older Versions of other Mods

mcarchive.net has quite a few older Versions of known Mods, that might fit well together.
Modrinth Archives is also archiving old Mods, maybe you find what you are looking for there.

License and Modpacks

This Mod was made by me, Gregorius Techneticies (aka GregoriusT) and is licensed under the LGPL and Creative Commons 0 for the most Parts (except Logos), so share it whereever you want, nobody is going to stop you. ;)
But I’m not responsible if you got the Mod from a place that isn’t here!
People, who non-financially contributed to the Mod are credited in the mcmod.info.
Some older GregTech Sourcecode does not exist anymore, so I cannot provide it if asked to. This makes it technically impossible to officially license those specific Versions under LGPL, but I still consider them Free to use for other purposes under the same terms GT6 has.


Just drop the File with the Version you want into the Mods Folder after installing IC².
mod v282c
mod v261d
mod v260d
mod v255b
Just drop the File into the Mods Folder.
mod capes
Just drop the File into the Mods Folder, this adds Configs for IC2s UUM Recipes.
mod recipes
Just drop the content of the zip File into the minecraft.jar.
basefile to disable infinite water
Contains the Code of GT2.
src v276d

Show Changelog
Sooo, Okay then 2.61d will be the last release for 1.4.5. I didnt change much, only Code, so I skip the Changelog

Added Liquids for all my Cells except Carbon
Electric Autocrafting is now only 2500EU per Craft (500EU for Dustpiler and Unificator)
I think I fixed the Computercube-Access of the GUI for SMP (you know that internal Server Error, when you open the GUI of a ComputerCube, which doesnt belong to you)

Added Gas Turbines for Nitrogen, Methane, Hydrogen and Air Cells, and removed Fuel Can recipes from them of the Centrifuge.
Added all the reported Oredict-Stuff to my List, tell me if I missed something.
Oh and the Gas Turbine outputs at 16EU/t

Added Diesel Generator:
Forestry Biofuel (not Biomass!) = 32000EU
BC-Fuel = 196000EU
Fuelcans of IC² = +25% of the normal Burnvalue for regular Generators
Coalfuel and Biofuel Cells of IC² also a +25% bonus and you get the Cells back.
If a Mod adds IC²-Coalfuel or IC²-Biofuel as Liquid, you get an extra Bonus for using the Liquid variant.

Fixed Double Chests and my Automation Devices
Fixed Critical Bug in my Item Overloader, which caused many Problems, including the ones with Language Packs. (I had internal Problems, which I fixed somehow hardcoded), the one Problem RichardG had is not Part of this fix, as I have no Idea, what Errorlog he got as I overload Uranium Cells in @postInit and not as static Method. Probably MiscPeripherals just got loaded before IC², what could've caused the Problem.

Fixed a serious exploit, by replaceing a plus with a minus.
Added Machine Hulls. They are just like Machine Blocks, but only available as Item (no Block format).
Added "Machine Parts". They are dropped by wrongly dismantled Machines (Wrench fail or usage of Pickaxe), and are used to create Machine Hulls (but they are pretty cheap).

You now HAVE TO WRENCH my Machines. If you don't, then its clearly your fault, when receiving nothing!
Added "Error-Message" to the GUI of my Machines, which need constant Energy. That Message goes away after successfully producing something, or after restarting the Game (what mostly leads in the Message immidietly coming back, as your Power Line is still crap).
Added Biomes of Twilight Forest (almost wanted to say "Twilight Forestry"), to my Worldgen Lists.
Made Autocrafting Table a bit more Time Efficient and +150% more Lagfree.

For IC²-1.110-Official-Release. Could contain minor Bugs. Wrenching for dismantling will work in next Version, until then you can use your Iron Pickaxe.

Added Dust piling Mode to Autocrafting Table, which is like the 2x2-Packager, but ONLY for my tiny Piles of Dust.

fixed Isotope Cells in ComputerCube
Added Thermal Expansion Support for some Machines (btw. Did you know that TE has a Config to let the Pulveriser/InductionSmelter cost additional 2 Diamonds?)
Added Oredict Unification for the Autocrafting Table
Made Forestrys Bronze Recipe create 2 Ingots instead of 4 (+Config as GregTech-Internal exploits via Centrifuge are fixed in that regard)
Fixed Bucket Recipes of Metallurgy making it possible to create IronConverters for Ingots, which are not only inside the Mod itself.
Adjusted Modloading order of GregTech a bit, to be sure it loads after the most important Mods.

Some Tweaks.
A Message, when you play this Addon the first Time.
Capelists now a bit better updated.
Added Ashes. Its basically a replacement for Slag. Did you know that Foretry doesnt use the Oredict for making Fertilizer out of Ashes?
Adjusted the Bronze-Problem a bit.

Added a few Wooden Maceration Recipes.
Fixed a Bug with the ID-Resolver and Energy Storage Items.

Added Industrial Sawmill (small Multiblock Structure). It is for processing Wood (what a Surprise).
Fixed some Bugs.
Tweaked the Autocrafting Table again.

Fixed Nuclear Fuels and their 5x Output of EU.
Fixed some minor Bugs.
Made Autocrafting Table more intelligent.

Fixed Dupe-Glitch with Barrels of Factoryzation.
Fixed Implosion Compressor not being accessible for Automation on its Bottom (as there are the Casings).
Fixed other Stuff.

Added some ToolTips.
Made Autocrafting Table a bit more intelligent.
Fixed some Bugs.

Changed the Way Iridium Plates are produced. Now needs implosion Compressor.
Fixed java.lang.NullPointerException at[[1]](GT_MetaTileEntity_Quantumtank.java:39)

Added Implosion Compressor. It needs very low Power (LV), as it just moves ITNT around ignites it and collects the Stuff from the explosion.
Major Tweaks to the Autocrafting Table.
Minor Tweaks in general.

Added two additional End-Ores.
Added Asteroids to the End.
Added some of the suggested Stuff.

Fixed some NEI-Stuff. Crashes already got fixed a Version ago, but I had to fix that one tiny broken Feature.
Added the most awesome Ore to the End.

Added compatiblity for Liquid UUM at the UUM-Assembler.
Added a new End-Ore. But dont go there too soon. I currently did not add the Asteroids, and Tungstate Ore is not that Valuable as of now.
Fixed all Bugs I've seen.

Added GUI to Quantum Tank and made it more expensive.
Fixed NEI-Crash with the most recent Version. But neither IC² nor mistaqur have fixed it for their Stuff (and uploaded), so I guess you still need the old Version.

Added Quantum Tank. GUI is currently missing, but you can scan it with Nuclear Controls Sensor Kits.

Guess what I did. (Added liquid input to appropriate machines.)

Added connected Textures for Machine Casings
Removed connection between Debug-Mode-Key-Code-Config and Xycraftcompatiblity

Added a better Way of doing Stuff in my Code. For example all the Macerationrecipes of Tools and Armors are improved massively, as you are now even able to macerate Gem-Tools of Redpower or Platinum-Armor of Metallurgy. Railcrafts Steel Tools and Armors are ofcourse included, via Oredict.

Added a better Way of doing Stuff in my Code. For example all the Macerationrecipes of Tools and Armors are improved massively, as you are now even able to macerate Gem-Tools of Redpower or Platinum-Armor of Metallurgy. Railcrafts Steel Tools and Armors are ofcourse included, via Oredict.

Skipped changelog for the accidently released 2.50c which had no real content.

Tweaked a few things.

Fixed isBeaconBlock for Machine Casing Type Blocks, as these shouldnt do that.